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Beitrag 7630699 , On-Board Video Soyuz Flug VS07 von Kourou [Alter Beitrag07. April 2014 um 17:36]

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Take a ride on Soyuz flight!
From final countdown to payload deployment:
A spectacular video of Soyuz Arianespace’s mission with Sentinel-1A.
Remarkable images from on-board cameras provide a detailed “ride-along” view of Arianespace’s Flight VS07, which orbited Europe’s Sentinel-1A from the Spaceport in French Guiana.

The decision to implement a video system on Soyuz launch vehicle was taken between Arianespace and Roscosmos in 2012. It was the first time that such a video system was installed on this legendary rocket since the 50s. The Sentinel 1a mission was perfect to install the system: short mission in SSO orbit, providing unmatched view of the launch vehicle with the earth in background.

The OCAM 2 system was developed by Kayser-Threde. The system was flown several times on Ariane, Vega and ATV. The OCAM-2 Flight Segment consists of one electronic unit (OEU) and 4 cameras.

Looking down from the launcher’s upper portion, the opening sequence includes separation of umbilical connections for Soyuz’ Fregat upper stage, followed by the tilt-back of two umbilical masts. One of these masts provides fluids and electrical connections for the launcher’s Block I third stage, while the second mast services the Soyuz vehicle’s Block A core stage.

Soyuz’ engine ignition is clearly seen in the video with the startup sequence for the first stage’s four boosters and central core second-stage. This is followed by liftoff and the opening of four arms that supported the vehicle while on the pad – and which are opened by Soyuz’ upward movement.

Major steps during the flight trajectory as shown by the video are the jettison of Soyuz’ first stage boosters; separation of the two-piece payload fairing that protected Sentinel-1A during the initial ascent (as viewed by an upward-looking camera); dropoff of the second and third stages; and the mission-concluding deployment of Sentinel-1A by Fregat for operation in Sun-synchronous orbit.

Flight VS07 was Arianespace’s seventh mission with the medium-lift vehicle from French Guiana, and its Sentinel-1A passenger is the first for a family of dedicated missions to form the core of Europe’s Copernicus environmental monitoring network.

Enjoy this incredible Arianespace video !


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Danke! Vor allem der Boosterabwurf sieht sehr geil aus.

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Original geschrieben von Lschreyer

Danke! Vor allem der Boosterabwurf sieht sehr geil aus.

Ja, irgendwie wie beim Synchron-Turmspringen....smile


Nicht quatschen, machen ;-)!

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