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Beitrag 7638328 , Amateur rocketry in Slovenia [Alter Beitrag17. Juni 2016 um 09:25]

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My name is Andrej Vrbec and I'm from Slovenia. I just recently discovered this forum and I would like to present some of the work that I have done through the years. My goal is to reach ever increasing altitudes with amateur rockets powered by sugar propellant.
My first rocket with some performance was a small 50mm rocket that flew sucessfully to 4,5km. Here is the video:


Next was a much larger 100mm rocket with a 10.700Ns motor that was flown twice to 7,0km and 6,4km. Here are the videos:


After that I built a more optimized version of this rocket, which was slightly smaller in diameter (84mm) and had a much lighter filament wound fiberglass casing. Single stage rocket was sucessfully flown with this motor to 8,0km and Mach 2,4. Here is the video:


Next step was to use this 84mm 11.000Ns motor as a booster for a boosted-dart project which was sucessfully flown to 10,8km. Here is the video:


After sucessfull boosted-dart test flight I built another boosted-dart, but with a much larger 110mm, 35.000Ns motor. This rocket was flown in October 2015 and reached an altitude of 17,5km. Here is the video:


The next project will be a two stage rocket. The first stage will use the same 35kNs motor that was already tested and the second stage will use a 55mm, 5.200Ns motor that is already in development. Simulations show that if sucessfull this rocket will fly to well over 30km.
That's all for now. Feel free to comment or ask questions.


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Beitrag 7638330 , awesome [Alter Beitrag18. Juni 2016 um 12:11]

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Excellant performance of your models and a very professional way of construction !

I hope that you´ll provide more informations about your future activities. Maybe you have also the opportunity to join one of the launch events in Germany, but then you should choose one of your smaller rockets (considering the great altitudes they are reaching) wink

Keep it up !

Kind regards




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Beitrag 7638337 [Alter Beitrag18. Juni 2016 um 16:12]

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Hi and welcome Andrej,

very nice job, so far. I really envy your possibilitys to launch rockets.
Impossible to do in Germany due to altitude restrictions, apart from the necessary permission to manufacture
rocket motores.

As Thomas said, keep it up.


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